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Welcome to the latest NewsRoundUp !    May 2014 be Peaceful and bring you many Blessings.

St.Edith's welcomes  many visitors, with  differing needs and interests

The church is open every day.The newly updated Walk-round Guide gives a short history of the building's most outstanding features, or you may find a moment's peace and tranquillity within its timeless walls.

The Garden of Remembrance is an area dedicated for the burial of cremated remains. It is availble for use by the family of anyone who has known and loved this church.

The clear-up day, in October, saw the completion of the scrub-clearance started last year. No more undergrowth is to be cleared and species like elder and ive are being allowed to regrow to provide habitat and food for birds and insects. Indoors, as well as a thorough clean of high areas, special attention was given to mediaeval woodwork. Painstaking, delicate linseed-oiling of the C15 pulpit revealed delghtful carvings of tiny toads, amongst the more usual flower designs. At the same moment, 'the outdoor workers' were delighted to find several real toads. What a sense of continuity and realisation of our responsibility to maintain the church and grounds, this gave.

The carol service was again a happy event, having the feeling of being one large family, 90 people of all denominations, wonderful tea, lights, music and friendship. Thank you everyone

Plough Sunday and Rogation Sunday found lots of people being introduced to farm machinery and hearing an up to the minute account of the progress of this year's crops, from Nigel, the farm manager.

In August, a representative from The Leprosy Mission had our complete attention as she described so graphically,  the wonderful work of this .organisation .Please redouble your STAMP COLLECTING efforts as we regularly send used stamps to raise money for this work.

The annual CLEAR UP DAY. 2014,  will be on Sat. Oct 18th, 9am -11.30.  There is a great variety of jobs, both inside and out, something to suit everyone!   Do come and join in this essential, but FUN event.

A huge thankyou to all who participated in the harvest service and created the absolutely stunning arrangements of flowers and vegetables. Gifts of non-perishable food were much appreciated in Gainsborough Salvation Army emergency larder, while the wonderful selection of vegetables went to the Women's Refuge, where 11 families currently have cooking sessions every evening. THANKYOU everyone.

If you are considering a smaller, but delightful, church wedding, we are now able to arrange a marquee reception on the lawns in the church grounds. We can suggest a wedding planner, caterers, flowers and marquee and toilet hire providers, but the choice is entirely up to you, to make it your own unique event.


The church grounds are now affiliated to the Quiet Gardens Trust. Visitors are invited to enjoy the peace and look at the proposed wildlife conservation management plan.

At last, the long-awaited History and Guide book is available. This is a 35 page booklet, professionally produced with 36 colour photos and a wealth of information, both well-known and the result of recent research. It contains the first full list of incumbents ever compiled and is available ,price £6, from the churchwarden, 01427 788629,

There is so much to enjoy at St.Edith's, it is open every day, do come!


With blessings from St. Edith's

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