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...Welcome to the latest NewsRoundUp !    May 2017 be Peaceful and bring you many Blessings.

St.Edith's welcomes  many visitors, with  differing needs and interests

The church is open every day.The newly updated Walk-round Guide gives a short history of the building's most outstanding features, or you may find a moment's peace and tranquillity within its timeless walls.


The Garden of Remembrance is an area dedicated for the burial of cremated remains. It is availble for use by the family of anyone who has known and loved this church.


If you are considering a smaller, but delightful, church wedding, we are now able to arrange a marquee reception on the lawns in the church grounds. We can suggest a wedding planner, caterers, flowers and marquee and toilet hire providers, but the choice is entirely up to you, to make it your own unique event.


The church grounds are now affiliated to the Quiet Gardens Trust. Visitors are invited to enjoy the peace and look at the proposed wildlife conservation management plan.Some Quiet Day events are planned, details as arrangements are made.


At last, the long-awaited History and Guide book is available. This is a 35 page booklet, professionally produced with 36 colour photos and a wealth of information, both well-known and the result of recent research. It contains the first full list of incumbents ever compiled and is available ,price £6, from the churchwarden, 01427 788629,

There is so much to enjoy at St.Edith's, it is open every day, do come!


Please do make this a two-way your ideas , suggestions and thoughts to the churchwarden (, to be participate.

JANUARY'S  blog:  The new year always starts with so many 'thankyous', to the team, or more like an army, of everyone who cleans inside and out, creates most beautiful flower arrangements, mows grass, clears undergrowth, mends electrics, tends the precious ancient woodwork,sets up the crib and Easter garden and makes the traditional teas such delightful events.     September saw a delightful wedding, with, for the first time, a marquee on the lawns, sun shining, children playing.       For the 'clear-up day', some large, derelict machinery was removed, rubbish cleared and the western approach to the church landscaped attractively.    Forthcoming plans...... We have been asked by the organisers to participate in the  Heritage Open days, which this year have a Tudor theme...lots of imaginative input needed to prepare for this, as St. Edith's is a very rare  surviving example of such an interior.       The Lincoln Diocese is developing "quiet places" and January sees a visit to explore possibilities here.       

We do need 1 more person to help clean, just one month in three. There is also a opportunity to do the flowers in August. Anyone interested?

It's MAGIC! How do you convert unwanted scraps of paper to medicines, rehabilitation, training and a new life? BY SAVING YOUR USED POSTAGE STAMPS AND CARDS for the Leprosy Mission.    The Seafarers' Mission need and really appreciate men's warm clothing and wooly hats.   please leave both in church or give them to the church warden.

STOP  PRESS!   MARCH 29TH is the date of the Traditional  Afternoon Tea, for the Eve Appeal (ovarian cancer research)  3.300pm

FEBRUARY'S  : The aconites and snowdrops are at their most beautiful and birds are singing like Spring. The grounds are well worth a visit. Arrangements for the Afternoon Tea are well under way. We are delighted that there will be live music, a varied programme of high-class background entertainment, on flute, clarinet and sax.... as well as the legendary cakes, flowers and good company.   and now....craft demonstrations by Pyrus too!   Do make this a date.

We still need another cleaning volunteer and someone to put flowers in during the first half of August. 

Thankyou all for your generous donations over the Christmas season.** £50 went towards the Salvation Army's work with homeless people,** £25 from Plough Sunday, to Send-a-Cow sustainable agriculture,  ** a bumper box of children's craft/ drawing material to the Women's Refuge .Experienced play leaders work with families who find themselves in these traumatc situations. They tell us that such activities are particularly helpful.

Thankyou to Tim and Harry for cleaning out the gutters, essential annual maintenance......and another thankyou to the member who has supplied delicious home-made jam and chutney, on sale in church, for church funds.

MARCH and  APRIL: are quiet months, a 'rest' during Lent.  The AGM was held on April 30th, well-attended and very positive. Full minutes and accounts are available on request. We heard clergy, deanery and diocesan reports. There were MANY thanks to all the people who have done so much over the past year to keep the church clean, beautiful and full of flowers and seasonal decorations. It was good to receive offers of help with the cleaning rota. The Fair Trade stall was discussed. In subsequent discussion we decided to reduce to the most popular FT lines and increase the 'Home-made, Home-grown' aspect , sharing local produce. The first experiment with this, for church funds, took place on Rogation Sunda and proved a hit.  Heavy rain worked to our benefit, as Nigel, the farm manager gave his annual update, with interesting visual aids, in the 2000-ton grain store and adjacent cattle shed. This was a rare opportunity to see inside the workings of a huge commercial farm.

MAY and JUNE. Heavy rain on  Rogation Sunday worked to advantage, as Nigel, the farm manager took everyone into the huge  grain store, then to the cattle sheds, a very rare chance to see inside the workings of such a large commercial farm. Thankyou for such an intersting up date, always something new!

JULY  .. Three cousins from the  Duffy family were christened on a lovely sunny day. This was a delightful ocasion, made something to remember for ever, when toddler, Saphire, spent the rest of the service  'christening'  everyone else with the water. ( I discovered some weeks later that she is continuing this idea, using her grandma's birdbath.)

AUGUST   John Rose, CEO Worldshare, talked about their work, illustrating it with four case studies/life stories. These made the real effect of the initiatives they sustain, graphically real.  A happy 'bring and share' lunch followed...thankyou to every one of the large gathering for making this such a memorable day.August also saw the wedding of Pete and Helen. It was a delight to welcome Helen's family from South Africa, as they arrived in time to share the lammas service and to help get the church and grounds ready for the event. Pete's mother, an expert crafter, made a beautiful pair of embroidered satin wedding kneelers, which she has given to the church...a big thankyou...they will be lovely for the next wedding in November.

SEPTEMBER  The Heritage Open Days were very busy, much appreciated by many visitors who enjoyed talks centring round Tudor times at Coates (the Hansards and Butlers), Tudor -style refreshments and researched Tudor style flower arrangements.Special thanks to Clare and Sarah, without whose enthusiasm this event would not have been possibe.  While some climbed into the rood loft to see the paintings, other followed the self-guided trail arounf the church and grounds. A display of superb photographs by Andrew Moreton revealed hidden details of the loft paintings, coloured glass, and especially dramatic, the coat of arms of Charles I. He spent many hours climbing around, then computer -processing , to produce the stunning results. We are exrtemely grateful for his time and expertise.  (Mounted A4 prints can be ordered, £10 each, please contct the church warden)

OCTOBER  Harvest Festival, was a happy event,with stunning decoration (thank you ,Sarah).Afterwards, the non-perishable food went to Gainsborough SA emergency larder, while fresh fruit and veg went straight to the Women's Refuge towards their nightly communal cook.  Three giant pumpkins also went there, for the children to make Hallowe'en lanterns.  Thank you everyone for you great generosity.        The church in Sweden is facing challenging financial restructuring and a group visited Coates and Stow (to see how we manage). This was a most interesting and enlightening meeting.  The following week, a group from the  Russian orthodox  church held a liturgy , a very different , but  again, a great privelege to learn more of different traditions.  Both parties appreciated the harvest  decoration, happy coincidental timing!

NOVEMBER  Liam and Carla are being married on Nov. 7th. We hope the weather brightens up for them, but it will be a lovely occasion, come rain, fog , frost, or even sunshine!

DECEMBER A wonderful CAROL service.  £50 was sent to the Salvatiion Army Homeless Appeal.


JANUARY 2016  Plough Sunday was an extra special event, when we pleased to welcome both Rt. Rev. David Court, the Bishop of Grimsby and Corringham Young Farmers, who had a stall and provided contrasting tractors, ranging from a petrol-paraffin Fergie, to a 2015 Challenger.   The YF did an amazing job with their tombola and we have been able to send £50 to Send a Cow, sustainable, small-scale agriculture in Africa.


As well as the customary programme of events (see Services and Events page),  we have applied for a faculty/permission to return the Tudor Butler family box pew to its original site in the chancel. It was moved to the back of the church in 1884. The reasons for this proposal  are a)  the space is needed for our increasing hospitality and we have been given a more suitable counter/storage unit b) the pew is almost 500 years old and in need of conservation and c) we cannot get rid of the mice breeding under the false floor on which the pew rests!   We will keep you updated.........April We have been granted a faculty, subject to approval of details at the meeting of the DAC on April 20th.....August....the application is with the Chancellor and we hope!! to be able to move the pew during September. More details of the event and subsequent clear-up later.

APRIL 2016.   Amongst many suggestions arising from thr AGM  was an idea for a church walk, along the lines of the popular radio and TV programmes.. This was taken back to Willingham Scout team, bu Robin Wright CM and met with enthusiasm.  The Scouts and their leaders are now working on ideas for such a podcast/U-tube upload..   Preliminary contact has been made with the church warden of Cammeringham church, which, like St. Edith's, originated as a Premonstratensian establishment.  The Scouts hope to research, take part in and record the venture in September.

Coates St. Edith's has now  been included in the Pilgrimage Tours brochure and is on the Diocese of Lincoln list of quiet retreat venues.

The Rogation farm update, lead by the farm manager, Sunday  May 1st, 10am., was a most interesting time. It was good to have the chance to talk with Nigel and his wife afterwards, too.

There have been requests for quiet.reflective times or days to be arranged. What are your thoughts on this?


OCTOBER      BOX PEW  !!!!! At last, today,  we have received the faculty which enables us to proceed with the resitng of the C16 Butler box pew, from the nave, where it was deposited during the Victorian restoration, to its original position in the SW corner of the chancel. The work is to be undertaken by Coopers Woodworkers of Market Rasen. As soon as a date is set for the work and ensuing tidying up, we will let you know.

One of the church family, who has lost her sight in recent years, has suggested the planting of a scented garden. The PCC backed this idea and we are now deciding where best to locate it. Any suggestions , please do contact us if you have expertise in such a venture.

Rev. Pam Rose, OLM,retired in October.   Allthough she will no longer be part of the parish 'rota', we hope she will still be able to be part of the church's ministry in other ways. Thank you, Pam, for all your practical help, support and advice in matters ecclesiastical and as a much loved pastor.

DECEMBER:  The box pew has been conserved and restored to its original position in the chancel, where it looks ah home. However, what a mess its removal left at the back!  We have cleared mouse nests, rotten wood and 2cm of soil, but happily, beneath that, the mediaeval brich floor was intact. The area was sodden, which prompted clearing of soil from OUTSIDE the church and a rethink of the position of the downpipes. It also encouraged us to arrange a thorough inspection of the bells, their mountings and rope attachments, as rain come in around them.  Once the area has dried out, there will be a big clean-up and paint....wait for news.

The Christmas gathering was again a happy occasion and we were able to send £100 to the Gainsborough Salvation Army.


A large crowd gathered for the traditional Blessing of the Plough. A state-of-the-art Challenger alongside a 1970s Fordson showed how ploughing-power has increased in the last 50 years.     Corringham Young farmers were there in force, both taking part in the ceremony and running a lively tombola afterwards.    Ollie and Ellie delighted everyone with their singing, while Willingham Scouts' podcast describing Coates and Cammeringham churches, with the walk between them, ran during 'social' time.  To listen to this excellent account, go to

 We look forward to the annual Eve Appeal Afternoon tea on Sunday March 19th, 3 - 5pm

BELLS  Water has been coming through the roof, for several hundred years, (yes really) where the bell-rods pass through it. We asked an expert bell firm to look at it and close inspection revealed that the bells themselves are in good condition but their fixings make them unsafe to ring. These were last serviced thoroughly, as far as we know, in 1884.   The bells and all associated mechanisms were inspected in October 2016 and a faculty application submitted in April 2017.  We are still waiting to hear whether we can proceed with the ncessary work...we livel in hope!  Once the roof is waterproof, we can finalise the positions of the furniture at the west end.

More cheerfully, the August Group service, on Sunday 6th, 10.30am, will be a thanksgiving service for new season hay and crops PLUS  thanksgiving for the love of God shown through family and the caring community. Everyone who has been baptised, confirmed or married here will receive a special invitation. The service will be lead by Rev.Dr. Geoff Turner, followed by  bring and share lunch.  This should be  a very happy occasion.

Looking ahead, and thinking how beautiful the snowdrops were in February, we are wondering about doing something special on the day of the  Feb. walk?  footpath walk?   history and of course  , refreshments!  any ideas, lease make suggestions.

We have been without an appointed incumbent for several years and have been most happily looked after by Bill and his team.  It looks as though Bill may now get a break, as the date for the installation of the new priest is set for Sept. 15th, 2017, (although the identity of this person has not yet been revealed!!!!)       Keep watching for news.

Rev. Nicloa Penn-Allison was installed as priest in charge, in September, so all future enquiries about service times , weddings and baptisms to her please.

November/December 2017, We are sad to announce the unexpected, sudden death of Claire Farrow, a much-loved and very knowledgeable 'main stay' of the church family. She did so much for so many people, mostly unknown to anyone else, was a fount of knowledge on church procedures, always there to offer practical help and defuse a tense situation with an irreverent comment, making everyone smile again. Claire, THANK YOU.

Do come along to the Tea and Carol Service, 3pm and 5pm respectively, or on Christmas Day at 8.30.. Despite freezing weather, we were able to send a £100 contribution to the Salvation Army Homeless Project...and the Macmillan stall also raised a wonderful sum......thank you all for your amazing generosity.

For something quite different, if you have an interest in Scouting, join the SCOUT INTERNATIONAL PEACE LIGHT SERVICE at 6.30pm on Dec. 19th, with seasonal refreshments afterwards.

The Plough Sunday  blessing of the plough will be on Jan 14th, at 10.30am.   We hope to wlcome the Corringham Young Farmers and also a speaker from Tools With A come and hear about thir work.

We wish you a healthy and happy 2018.



With blessings from St. Edith's

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