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The Scout Peace Light Service

World wide community and international friendship is a special concern of all Scouts and Guides.

We are convinced that peace will only become a reality when each individual has his own peace, shares it with his community, his neighbour and the environment.



The Peace Light Service, held at St. Edith’s, Coates, every Christmas, illuminates and spreads this ideal. It is part of a chain of light, covering half the world. The light is met as it arrives in England, by a representative from Willingham Scout Group…what a privilege and inspiration to receive it here in this tiny church.

The idea started as part of a large, international charitable relief mission in Austria, Light into Darkness, in 1986.
Every year, a child from Austria kindles a flame from the “Eternal Flame” from the Nativity Grotto, where Jesus was born. The flame is carried in two blast-proof miners’ lamps from Israel to Austria, then, unextinguished, on throughout Europe and America. Not only is it distributed by Scouts and Guides to churches, hospitals, prisons and cultural centres, but has been received by three successive Popes, Mikhail Gorbachev, the EU President, UN troops and taken to Ground Zero in New York.
Sharing ‘Jelly Babies’ at the end of the ceremony, as a sign of peace, has become a tradition. These sweets were launched in 1918, in Sheffield UK, as ‘Peace Babies’, to mark the end of WW1.

Production was suspended during WW2, due to wartime shortages, then relaunched in 1953 as ‘Jelly Babies’.



Photos courtesy of Robin Wright, 19th December 2018





We all hope that as the Peace Light is passed around the United Kingdom, the message of PEACE TO ALL will spread with it.